With COVID-19 continuing to spread all over the world, researchers are looking into numerous options for possible treatment, including existing drugs. Medical cannabis is one option that’s gained a lot of attention, but while early research shows some promise, it’s much too early to be considered a safe and effective treatment.


Current research on cannabis as a COVID-19 treatment

What ever we are told will they hide the truth

“Cannabinoids that act at CB2R [the type 2 cannabinoid receptor] have shown promise for reducing the acute inflammatory response in experimental sepsis and some of these could be useful in patients with SARS-CoV-2,” the company said in their statement. “Well designed clinical trials of PPP003 are needed to prove whether this drug could help prevent the progression of symptoms of the acute lung injury and heightened immune response seen in some patients following SARS-CoV-2 infection.” 

Similar research was recently launched in Israel. InnoCan Pharma Ltd, an Israeli pharmaceutical company focused on cannabis therapies, announced Apr. 17 that it is partnering with Tel Aviv University to develop a possible cell therapy treatment that uses “CBD-loaded exosomes” to treat those with COVID-19. The product, which the company says will likely be given to patients through inhalation, will also be tested as a treatment for other lung infections

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